Titanic The Reconstruction is here!

Ship ahoy! "Titanic, The Reconstruction" is here!

The exhibition “Titanic The Reconstruction” has moored in Gijon until the 7th January. The RMS Titanic was the largest passenger ship at its time belonging to White Star Line. It sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg on the 15th April 1912. This unfortunate accident took the lives of more than 1500 people. This tragedy was taken to the big screen by James Cameron with the movie “Titanic” (1997). Hollywood blockbuster won 11 Oscars. Do you remember the scene of the sinking ship while the musicians were still playing?

Ship ahoy! "Titanic, The Reconstruction" is here!



The first sight for the exhibit is an unappealing and massive black tent of 1000 square meters. Once you get inside, you start a journey in time to discover one of the most famous ships in history. There are four significant areas through the exhibition with objects, stories, and real scenarios. In the first one, you can watch a documentary produced by the Titanic Foundation with original shots, such as the famous staircase for the first class passengers.

Ship ahoy! "Titanic, The Reconstruction" is here!



After that, you are offered personal sound equipment in the language of your choice, to guide you through the visit to the next rooms. You will find lots of objects and information panels about different aspects of this ship. As an interesting fact, the mansion owned by Lord James Pirrie where the decision was taken to build the Titanic in June 1907, it is currently the Embassy of Spain in London.

Ship ahoy! "Titanic, The Reconstruction" is here!AShip ahoy! "Titanic, The Reconstruction" is here!
Ship ahoy! "Titanic, The Reconstruction" is here!AShip ahoy! "Titanic, The Reconstruction" is here!


Further along, you get into another room where you can see an impressive Brush Runabout D24 car from 1912, different types of objects such as porcelain, clothing, toiletries and even a replica of the communications room, designed by Marconi. Another curious fact is that you can see a model of a Titanic sink with the signature of US President Barack Obama.

Ship ahoy! "Titanic, The Reconstruction" is here!AShip ahoy! "Titanic, The Reconstruction" is here!
Ship ahoy! "Titanic, The Reconstruction" is here!AShip ahoy! "Titanic, The Reconstruction" is here!


Titanic Scale Model

Last but not least, in the next room, you can see a spectacular 12 meters extended model of the Titanic at a 1:30 scale with all kinds of details. The pièce de résistance to finish an epic and emotive exhibit about the iconic Titanic.

Ship ahoy! "Titanic, The Reconstruction" is here!


This exhibition “Titanic The Reconstruction” is located at Jardines del Nautico by San Lorenzo Beach in Gijon/Xixon until the 7th January during the festive season, with opening times from 10:30 to 21:00. It is an initiative of the Titanic Foundation whose primary goal is

promoting the respect and defense of the environment of our coasts, seas, and oceans

Don’t miss it out. Enjoy the exhibition!

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  1. I did not know there was an exhibit like this? What was the capacity of the Titanic? Can you see the lower decks so pointed out in the movie, as well as the upper end state rooms? What about artifacts found? What an amazing piece of history and so unique! Thank you for taking the time to share all of this!

    • Hi Annie,

      It is indeed a unique piece of history, as the Titanic was at the time the largest passenger ship in the world. The RMS Titanic sank on its inaugural trip on the 15th April of 1912 with 2223 people on board with a death toll of 1514 souls. There is a black and white documentary which I believe you would enjoy very much with footage on the different parts of the ship. There is as well the largest model ever built which is 12 meters long at a scale 1:30, with great attention to detail where you can see the different decks and even the engine rooms. There is a mock-up of the communications room which was designed by Marconi himself, and you can see many objects such as marine navigation tools, music instruments, china, clothing garments, or even an antique car. The whole exhibition is an great tribute to this historic tragedy. 

      The exhibition is an initiative by the Titanic Foundation to create awareness on the safety of human life at sea and with the marine environment. Gijon is a beautiful coastal city in the north of Spain, and we are indeed very grateful to have the opportunity to enjoy such a unique exhibit. If you ever visit us, here are some other cultural options in our city that you might enjoy.

      Thanks for your visit and comment.

      All the best.


  2. Hi, JoseLuis. Ever since I was a young kid back in the mid/late 1960s and owning a history book that discussed the Titanic, along with that great movie that came out in 1997, like many millions of other people I have always been fascinated by what happened back in 1912.

    Obviously because of the worldwide interest that still is with us, now over 100 years after the ship sank on its maiden voyage, it is a reason why the exhibition that you discussed about in your excellent article is taking place in Gijon until early next year.

    A very eerie fact, but my mom having passed away several weeks before in mid-March 2012, on the day of her funeral and ashes being buried next to my father, this took place exactly on the 100th anniversary of the day that the ship first struck that iceberg late in the evening of April 14th, 1912 – sinking in a matter of less than a few hours early on the morning of April 15th.

    A few days earlier I had gone to the movies as at the time the 1997 Titanic version was re-released in 3-D here in the U.S. During my mom’s funeral, I could not help but think that 100 years earlier on that very same day, the Titanic first struck that iceberg.

    Word has always circulated that if the captain did not try to avoid hitting the large iceberg by trying to steer away from it, (failing) but instead had hit it straight on, the ship would not have sunk. Instead, a long gash as a result of the collision with the iceberg that ran a fairly long distance lengthwise on the side of the ship was what caused the ship to sink with a massive intake of water.

    Not having anywhere enough lifeboats for all of the people who were aboard the ship also did not help matters.


    • Hi Jeff, 

      Sorry about your loss and thank you for sharing such a personal and emotive statement. It is indeed an eerie coincidence, and we shall not forget that 1514 souls were lost in that tragedy. As part of centenary on the 14th April 2012, the day of your mom’s funeral, the Titanic Foundation granted three recognitions to the Heads of State or Government, of the countries within the Titanic route: her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, French President François Hollande, and US President Barack Obama.

      As you mentioned, the RMS did not have enough lifeboats for all its passengers and crew, as it only carried lifeboats for 1178 passengers according to the obsolete safety standards of the time. One of the objectives of the Titanic Foundation is indeed the creation of awareness on the safety of human life at sea.

      “Titanic, the Reconstruction” is a great opportunity to experience a journey in time to discover this iconic ship with objects, stories and real scenarios. It is available in the coastal city of Gijon in the north of Spain until 7th January, with many other tourist attractions for visitors to enjoy.

      Thanks again for your visit and sharing your thoughts.

      All the best.


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