The coastal walk of San Lorenzo

The coastal walk of San Lorenzo

Gijon is located on the coast of central Asturias by the Cantabric sea in the Gulf of Biscay. Three urban beaches (San Lorenzo, Poniente, and El Arbeyal) hold ISO quality certifications 9001 and 14001. This a significant point for the commitment in Gijon towards environmental sustainability, security, and accessibility.

The coastal walk of San Lorenzo


Campo Valdes

The starting point is the Roman baths of Campo Valdes near the Church of San Pedro. The first of the 25 entrance points or “escaleras to the sea along this path is behind St Peter’s Church. “Escalera 0” named “La Cantabrica.” It offers a perfect view of the regatta club “Real Club Astur de Regatas de Gijon” on one side, and the park of La Providencia opposite in the horizon.

The coastal walk of San LorenzoAThe coastal walk of San Lorenzo


San Lorenzo

The coastal walk of San Lorenzo is a marked trail of 5750 meters from the Roman baths to La Providencia. The perfect opportunity to enjoy the main highlights of the seaside shore by San Lorenzo beach. Get out of the city rumble by foot and enjoy the coastal landscape.

The coastal walk of San Lorenzo



The Rinconin Beach is located by staircase number 24.  Dogs are allowed through the whole year including the peak season. In fact, Gijon received the 2017 Best Dog-Friendly Destination award by Travelguau for the continuous support to visitors with pets.

The coastal walk of San Lorenzo


The coastal walk of San Lorenzo is also ideal for your favorite sports practice. Either if you prefer walking, running, skating or riding a bicycle, everybody is welcomed. It is also common to see surfers the whole year around at San Lorenzo.

The coastal walk of San Lorenzo


Another point to mention is the sculptural display through the coastal walk of San Lorenzo. There are undoubtedly artistic outdoor sculptures integrated with the landscape. You can often spot hot air balloons or paragliders in your way to La Providencia.

The coastal walk of San LorenzoAThe coastal walk of San LorenzoAThe coastal walk of San Lorenzo



The destination point of La Providencia park has got a beautiful viewing point from where you can appreciate the city of Gijon and the sharpness of the Cantabric sea coast. If you are up for it, the coast path continues further along for several kilometers towards La Ñora beach. Other than that, La Providencia is a great spot to view the sunset over Gijon.

The coastal walk of San LorenzoAThe coastal walk of San Lorenzo
The coastal walk of San LorenzoAThe coastal walk of San Lorenzo


If you do not want to walk all the way back to the city, you can take the bus a few hundred meters away at La Providencia stop (#373) with bus lines 14 and 25. In contrast, Gijon has several green routes to experience the greenery of the countryside. Check out the green routes for Peña Francia or Piles.  Enjoy!

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  1. Hi, JoseLuis. Unfortunately having never been to the country of Spain at any point in my life, nevertheless I was thoroughly impressed with the unbelievable beauty, (seen in the images) cultural sights filled with history, plus the coastal setting of the city of Gijon as evidenced in your article post.

    I have always been fascinated by coastal towns located near a body of water – in this case the Gulf of Biscay located in Northern Spain. I am positive that the coastal walk of San Lorenza as you described in the article, (also seen in the images) would be breathtaking; although perhaps in the winter months somewhat near England quite damp and cold.

    I would be interested to know of info regarding hotel accommodations and restaurant/food expenses in Gijon? Would they be fairly expensive, or instead quite reasonable?


    • Hi Jeff,

      I fully agree with you. There is something special about coastal towns and cities, and we are blessed here in Gijón with the Cantabric sea. As you have guessed, we also have a fair share of rain, thus the greenery of the Asturian landscape as opposed to other parts of the country. Nevertheless, winters here are mild. For example, even though we are almost mid-December, we have enjoyed today a maximum of 16 degrees Celsius (60 F) in the afternoon without rain for most of the day. As an example, the pictures with that blue and sunny sky were taken last week. Therefore, still pleasant when comparing to harsh winter conditions in other places. Please allow me to recommend as well the Atlantic Botanical Garden here in Gijón with 25 hectares of Atlantic vegetation, and the nearby Laboral City of Culture which is the biggest building in Spain with 270000 square meters (almost 3 million square feet).

      With regards to cost of living, the prices are reasonable as opposed to bigger cities in Spain such as Madrid or Barcelona, or northern countries in Europe. As an example, here is Gijon you can find special menus (known as “menú del día”) in normal restaurants and bars for about €12-15 for a 3-course menu. You will find options for any taste and budget, from local bars to Michelin-star restaurants. Prices and menus are always available for review.

      On the topic of hotels, you will find as well diversity to cater for all tastes and budgets. I particularly recommend these hotels for the compromise with responsible tourism such as Hotel La Polar and Hotel San Miguel (2 stars) or Parador de Gijon, Hotel Tryp and Hotel Abba (4 starts). Nevertheless, portals such as or TripAdvisor have published reviews and evaluations from hotel guests with many other options that might also be interesting.

      Thank you very much for your interest and comments, and hope I have been able to clarify your questions.

      All the best.


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