Teatro Jovellanos: The Magic of Theatre!

Teatro Jovellanos: The Magic of Theatre!

Teatro Jovellanos is the main theater in Gijon located at the city center in Paseo de Begoña. The inauguration as Teatro Dindurra goes back to July 1899. The primary goal to offer a space for leisure and culture to the flourishing city of Gijon. An air strike during the Spanish Civil War left the theater in ruins after on the 14th October 1937. Consequently, it was rebuilt and open again on 7th August 1942 as Teatro Jovellanos. The last renovation started in 2009. Teatro Jovellanos’ doors opened back in January 2010 after full restoration with the best infrastructure for the 21st century.

Teatro Jovellanos: The Magic of Theatre!ATeatro Jovellanos: The Magic of Theatre!
Teatro Jovellanos: The Magic of Theatre!ATeatro Jovellanos: The Magic of Theatre!


Teatro Jovellanos Specifications

Teatro Jovellanos has a capacity for 1123 spectators distributed as 476 seats in the parterre, 400 seats in the mezzanine, 242 in the gallery and five spaces for wheelchairs. It is a humble experience to stand on that stage. The grandiosity of this theater touches you. It is where the magic happens. When looking up at the ceiling, you can admire the circular painting “Homage to the Theater” by Melquiades Alvarez.

Teatro Jovellanos: The Magic of Theatre!ATeatro Jovellanos: The Magic of Theatre!
Teatro Jovellanos: The Magic of Theatre!ATeatro Jovellanos: The Magic of Theatre!


The stage is 11,50 meters wide by 9,50 meters tall with a depth of 21 meters. Backstage, there are dozens of spotlights to create the environment for the best performing arts.

Teatro Jovellanos: The Magic of Theatre!ATeatro Jovellanos: The Magic of Theatre!


Teatro Jovellanos Program

The Gijon City Council owns the municipal theater Teatro Jovellanos. The program managed by the local company Divertia Gijon S.A. runs through the whole year. They are responsible for most cultural and festive activities in the city. For example, the Xixón International Film Festival and the Jazz Festival every year in November, or the Gospel Festival in December. Visit the web page to check the program for all coming events. It is worth a visit during your stay in Gijon. Visit our calendar section for more suggestions on things to do in Gijon and nearby. Enjoy the magic of the theater!



  1. What a gorgeous place Teatro Jovellanos is! It definitely looks magical.

    I particularly like the pictures of the ceiling the with painting “Homage to the Theater”.
    Great idea to include a video of the December Events.

    I sure hope to be able to visit Gijon one day. How far is it from Barcelona?

    • Hi Eliane,

      Glad you liked it. Teatro Jovellanos went through a major renovation back in 2009 but still keeping its identity and flavor from its origins in the XIX century. It is indeed a magical place. If you are interested in the cultural scene and stunning architecture, I would also recommend Laboral City of Culture which is the biggest building in Spain, and with a tower of 130 meters (the tallest in Asturias) with spectacular views. 

      Gijon is approximately 900 kms far away from Barcelona. There are several daily scheduled flights at your convenience to the International Asturias Airport (OVD) about 45 kms from Gijon. For the city transfer, there are taxi services but also bus transfers running hourly. There is also the option of car rentals with several options available at the airport should you wish to combine your visit to Gijon to explore the region of Asturias. For example, Mirador del Fitu is a viewpoint not far from Gijon with spectacular views of the Gulf of Biscay coast and the spectacular mountains; or the typical Asturian village of Poreñu awarded this year as an Exemplary Town by the Princess of Asturias Foundation.

      Thank you for your visit and comments, and wishing you a great time for your next visit to Gijon.

      All the best,


  2. Hi Jose’,
    even though I’ve been in many different places in Spain, I’ve never visite Gijon but your post definitly made me curiuos about it and I would try to pay a visit as soon as I’m back in Spain. I really hope they are performing something of my taste when I visit, because it would be a shame to miss a visit to the theatre; Muchissimas gracias, un post excellente,
    take care, ciao

    • Ciao Stefano, grazie mille! Glad you liked the post. There is an international airport about 45 kms from Gijon (Asturias International OVD) with direct flights to Italy with the low-cost airline Volotea. Nevertheless there are many daily connections through the whole year with Madrid or Barcelona. 

      The program for Teatro Jovellanos is publicly available at their web page and tickets can be bought online in advance. Hopefully you will find something for your taste during your visit to Gijon. If you are into the cultural scene may I also suggest a visit to Laboral City of Culture which is the outskirts of the city, combined with a visit to the nearby Atlantic Botanical Garden

      By the way, as a curiosity, Luciano Pavarotti performed in Gijon back in 1992. 

      Thank your your visit and sharing your comment.



  3. My ex-wife and I got seasons pass to the Ed Mirvish Theatres in Toronto, Canada. These theatres were nothing compare3d to this gorgeous place. I love buildings with this type of infrastructure and design. I don’t think I will be visiting Gijon anytime soon but if I ever do visit, I will now visit this iconic place.
    Does this theatre do any real big events or is known for a particular event or festival?

    • Hello Jair, the theatre went through a major restoration in 2009 to adapt it to the modern times while still conserving its charm from the XIX century. The annual program covers different performing arts such as dance, ballet, theater, comedy, classical music or cinema screenings. 

      The theatre productions cater for productions on Spanish from the national scene or even Asturian language for the regional demand, while the musical productions do not depend on the language. We have had performances this year from national references such as the Philharmonic Orchestra of Spain and the Asturias Symphony Orchestra, but also international references such as the Moscow Ballet, Misha Namirovsky, Soyeon Kate Lee, Sheyla Jordan or Bill Laurance. 

      There are festivals included in the program such as the International Ballet Gala in July, special events for the Princess of Asturias Foundation Awards in September, the Dance Festival in October, the International Film Festival and Jazz festival in November, the Gospel Festival from 15th to 17th December with Harlem Gospel, Nola Gospel Chorale and The South Carolina Gospel Chorale. There is also the production of the Sleeping Beauty of the Moscow Ballet on December 21.

      Overall, this is a great opportunity to include cultural activities within a visit to Gijon while enjoying the sea and the mountains even during a winter scape, as we have mild winters here in the northern coast of Spain. 

      Thank you for your visit and the positive feedback. Glad you liked Teatro Jovellanos.

      All the best.


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