Red Bull definitely gives you wings!

Red Bull definitely gives you wings!

Thousands of people gathered in Gijon for one of the funniest days of this summer season. Red Bull sponsored the Wing’s Day (Día de las Alas) attracting many visitors to this coastal city in the north of Spain. The event took place by the port of Gijon, and the organizers and local authorities took special care to make sure the event could host thousands of visitors.

Red Bull definitely gives you wings!ARed Bull definitely gives you wings!


Red Bull encourages the participants to register in order to use their wit to create a flying device, that will be then tested on the contest day. They go a long way to create the funniest theme based devices and costumes to have a good laugh and get a smile out of you. Being ingenious is definitely not boring.

Red Bull definitely gives you wings!ARed Bull definitely gives you wings!


Red Bull Contest

Four participants and a pilot form each team. The judges award points based on the following criteria:

• The creativity for the design.

• The 30 seconds team performance prior to the launch.

• Distance flew before touching the water


Even James Brown would not have felt any better after watching all those team performances. Besides, we can say out loud, we are grateful it did not rain.


The participants launch the devices from a high platform by the water. The four participants become the engine for the device and push it along the platform runway, while the pilot stays on the device to steer it. Sometimes it works… and sometimes it does not. The great thing though is they all tried, and they had fun while at it.


There were so many fun designs and costumes. It was impossible not to laugh and get amazed by all these examples of imagination gone wild. As Albert Einstein said:

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”.


It was a great fun day for Gijon with the thousands of persons that participated in this event. Red Bull definitely gives you the opportunity to win your wings!

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  1. Traveling to Spain has been on my bucket list for some time now. This review gave me another reason to visit. It looks like you guys had tons of fun. If I ever make it to Spain, I will make sure to visit this town. Is the Dia de las Alas exclusive to the Port of Giron?
    Thanks for sharing. It is a great article.

    • Hi, “Dia de las Alas” sponsored by Red Bull takes places in different locations both nationally and internationally. We were honored to host it last Sunday on this occasion. As far as I know, they use internationally the name FlugTag and this event has taken place all over the world in cities such as Auckland, Wellington, Sydney, Cape Town, Dubai, New York, Miami, and many others. Glad you like it and thanks for the interest in Gijon and this amazing event. May I suggest our section for Things To Do, where we publish information about local events which might be resourceful during your visit to get the most out of Gijon. All the best!

  2. Oh what a fun day! I love Spain and would love to return for a vacation. I think it is great that Red Bull gets involved in such fun activities in the community. I am a Red Bull “aholic” LOL. I have to have one every morning. So I love the fact that they get involved in the community. Do you know if Red Bull originate from Spain or why they chose this event?

    • Hi, Red Bull started in Austria around 30 years ago and they are very active in promoting sports venues and activities. As you have noticed, they are big on giving back to the communities, and they have updated information on their corporate site about sponsored events. Happy to hear you have been to Spain and would consider it for a future vacation. Gijon is a coastal city in the northwest with beautiful beaches and breathtaking mountains with more than 2.500 years of history. These are just some of the main tourist attractions for sightseeing and we will be working on future updates with more media, tips and tricks on English to make sure you get the best of Gijon. All the best and thanks for your visit and comment.

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