Loving the Autumn at the Atlantic Botanical Garden!

Loving the Autumn at the Atlantic Botanical Garden!

The autumn started on 22nd September. It is a great excuse to get to the Atlantic Botanical Garden (Jardín Botánico Atlántico) in Gijon. Enjoy the fall with its changing colors! This project specializes in Atlantic vegetation covering 25 hectares of which 17 are currently open to the public. Located a few kilometers from the center of Gijon near the Laboral City of Culture.

Loving the Autumn at the Atlantic Botanical Garden!


There are 4 main distinguished areas within the grounds of the Atlantic Botanical Garden:

• The Cantabrian environment with plants typical from the North of Spain.

• The Plant Factory showing the use of plants by human societies.

• “La Isla” Garden created in 1870 and demonstrated the use of gardening ever since.

• The Atlantic Route is an itinerary through the main vegetation landscapes of the North Atlantic.


Plant Factory

Furthermore, we find an example of traditional Asturian construction with Quintana de Rionda integrated by the house where the family lived, the stable for the animals, the cellar (llagar) for the preparation of natural cider, the grinding mill and the Asturian panera to store food away from moisture and animals.

Loving the Autumn at the Atlantic Botanical Garden!


La Isla Garden

Above all, the Atlantic Botanical Garden has more than 300,000 plants of 2,500 species distributed in different environments. The vegetation includes dunes, marshes, boreal forests and native forests with trees up to 400 years old. It is a haven of tranquility with well-marked paths for walking. Listen to the sound of River Peña Francia and the song of birds. The Autumn is here. Observe the change in the vegetation with the transformation towards the autumnal colors.



ALoving the Autumn at the Atlantic Botanical Garden!ALoving the Autumn at the Atlantic Botanical Garden!


Atlantic Route

Even more, the Kids Forest is a space for children to learn with different elements integrated into the natural environment and enjoy the forest. There is also an observation platform at the lake.



Finally, the full address for Jardín Botánico Atlántico is Avenida del Jardín Botánico, 2230, 33203 Gijón. It is reachable by public bus routes 1, 2, and 18. The opening hours are 10:00 to 21:00 from June until September, and 10:00 to 18:00 from October until May. Please refer to their web page for more specific information and details. Also, we recommend this article about the Atlantic Botanical Garden during the spring bloom. Enjoy!



  1. Wow! This place looks awesome!!

    The architecture and environment flow so well together, and colors pull everything in even better. The whispering waters looks truly magical, I will have to add this to our bucket list when my son gets a little older. Thank you for the awesome idea 🙂

    • Hi Gabriel,

      It is indeed an fantastic place to walk around and enjoy more than 25 hectares of Atlantic vegetation, and see some examples of traditional Asturian construction. I would also suggest a combo ticket to visit as well the nearby Laboral City of Culture, which is the biggest construction in Spain with an stunning Corinthian Patio, an elliptical church, and a 130 meters towers with a viewing point offering spectacular views of Gijon and its surroundings.

      If you are interested in unique natural landscapes, I would also recommend the coastal walk from the urban beach of San Lorenzo in the city center to the Providencia Park in the outskirts. It is close to 6 kms of a paved pathway by the sea coast with great views of the sea, outdoor sculptures and a viewpoint at Providencia park worth to check.

      Some ideas for your next visit to Gijon.

      Glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for your visit and comments.

      All the best


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