Azougue by Pedro Lamas, Jacobo de Miguel and Xose Lois Romero


21/03/2018 @ 20:00 Europe/Madrid Timezone
€ 3
Gijon Cultura

Presentation of the Jazz album “Azougue” by Pedro Lamas, Jacobo de Miguel, and Xose Lois Romero at the Cultural Center Antiguo Instituto in Gijon on Wednesday 21st March at 20:00. The quicksilver (azougue in Galician) gives the glass the ability to reflect the reality it receives. In the same way, Lamas, De Miguel and Romero, receive the reality of traditional music, but reflect it with a free mirror that does not conform to the literality of the object reflected. This trio of versatile musicians, who have worked with the Galician Jazz Orchestra, made their recording debut in 2017.

Pedro Lamas: soprano and baritone saxophones, bagpipes and percussions
Jacobo de Miguel: piano
Xose Lois Romero: traditional percussion

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