Asturias Day in Gijon

Asturias Day in Gijon

Gijon celebrates Asturias Day during the first Sunday in August. This celebration revolves around the promotion of Asturian culture and traditions. It takes place around the old quarter of the city in Cimavilla and Santa Catalina Hill.

Asturias Day Parade

The event starts with a parade from the Main Square by the Town Hall moving slowly toward Santa Catalina. Folk groups, cultural associations, music bands, and the public in general dress up in traditional Asturian costumes. Everybody is welcome to participate and celebrate the Asturias Day.

Asturian Music & Dance

Once up there, the bagpipe bands play traditional Asturian songs, and people participate in singing the lyrics altogether. There is also a popular dance called Danza Prima, one of the oldest songs of Asturias. People join together by the little finder in big circles, and move one step forward and one step backward led by the rhythm of the song.

Puya del Ramu

The groups and organizations carry floral decorations with circular loaves of bread which will be later on auditioned upon arrival to the summit at Santa Catalina. This is called Puya del Ramu in the Asturian language, and all proceeds go to charity.

Fiesta de Prau

There is no festivity in Asturias without plenty of food. Fiestas de Prau which literally mean “meadow parties” are a summer tradition in Asturias. People gather together with their friends and family to celebrate for whatever reason on the green hills of Asturias. Following the tradition, there is also a contest during the Asturias Day for the best assorted tablecloth and basket. It is now time for lunch, and people gather together to enjoy the Asturian gastronomy accompanied by tasty Asturian cider.

Asturian Traditional Sports

Moreover, there are popular game competitions for children and demonstrations for traditional sports. Monte Areo is a sports association promoting such traditional sports with lumberjacks showing their ability with axes.

Enjoy Cimavilla

When the sun goes down, walk back downhill and enjoy a music concert at the Main Square. This is also an opportunity to discover Cimavilla at with its many cider taverns, bars and restaurants. Special thanks to all participants, the city hall of Gijon and the many associations and bands promoting the Asturian culture and traditions:

  • Deportes Tradicionales Monte Areo
  • Banda Gaites Noega
  • Real Grupo de Cultura Covadonga
  • Grupo Folclórico El Xolgoriu
  • Música y Baile Tradicional Excelsior
  • Coros y Danzas Flor de Xaranzaina 
  • Asociación de Coros y Danzas Jovellanos 
  • Grupo Folclórico Trebeyu
  • Grupo Folclórico La Alegría
  • Agrupación Folclórica Asturiana Los Xustos
  • Grupo Folclórico Xiringüelu
  • Banda Gaites Villa de Xixón

Have you missed the Asturias Day in Gijon this year? A great excuse to plan a visit to Gijon for the first Sunday of August. Enjoy!